The winner of the contest "Beauty of Russia-2007"

On Thursday evening in Moscow in the Small Hall of the State Kremlin Palace beauty contest "Beauty of Russia-2007". This year's winner was 23-year-old Natalia Andreeva, which in June this year was awarded the title of "Miss Moscow 2007".

The jury in closed session has chosen the winner of the busty blonde from Moscow Natalia Andreeva - Woman with a very difficult life. Natasha's parents died when she was a baby. Natasha raised by my grandmother. But she died a year ago. And if all the participants resulted in a support group of parents and the whole kindred clans, the future queen of ill only a close friend of Elena. However, there was Natasha and another fan - year-old son. This is the first time that Russia has become the main beautiful young mother. Previously, to participate in the competition only unmarried girls without children. From this year the rules have changed.

For diamond tiaras crowned beauties in various categories evening triumph continued in the restaurant. The rest of the princesses turned into ordinary girls and walked to the door to catch a ride.


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