Timothy / Timati

Real name stars - Timur Yunusov, he was born August 15, 1983 in Moscow. By Timothy zodiac sign - lion, it is noticeable by its nature, energetic and full of life, like a real predator! Timur is not the only child in the family, he has a younger brother Artyom.

You know Timati for his work, in his super-duper songs, but aside from that he is engaged in business. Along with co-founders, he owns the club «Black club», restaurant «Black october» and produces clothing under its own brand - «Black star by TIMATI». The way hip-hop star to fame and nation-wide love was not simple. It all started with the VIP 77 (Tim Pasha, Walter, Deema, Uhl), you'll probably remember it for the hits "Fiesta", "you're the one I need." But the real popularity came to Timati after American Idol - 4, was born there and BANDA (Timothy, Anastasia Kochetkova, Ratmir Shishkov, Dominic Joker). Energy reserve the guys are not exhausted after FZ-4, and in 2004 they released their first album, "New People". Many of the songs on this record (such as "New people", "the heavens are crying," "I need you", "gang") are still in rotation on TV and radio.

Fans were surprised Timothy acting ability, his role in the film "Heat" and the TV series "The Club" more proof that he, as a real talent!


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