Kea - a carnivorous parrots that prey on sheep.

Kea parrots live in New Zealand. Accustomed to a person and very curious birds, sometimes damaging the machines, their tents and booths in search of food residues; they are attracted to places landfills and waste containers, and often they dumped the contents on the ground; very playful, love to tumble in the snow or take a bath in the only thawed pools.

These birds can feed on carrion as well as attack live sheep. Parrot uses a clever tactic: he sits on the ground near the victim and then suddenly jumps on her back and vyklёvyvaet pieces of fat, causing extensive sheep wound. If sheep abruptly dumps him, he tries again. The finale of the story is usually sad: sheep runs with "rider" on the back, while a run does not lead her to death, even if the animal manages to get rid of the annoying bird, later it is still ill or dying because of wounds received. It also happens that backed parrot sheep falls from cliffs and broken. And then to the carcass immediately flock to flock Kea.


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