Bubble calendars - the slave of habit, "devour"

No one will argue with me that the bubbles burst on the packaging bag - a pleasure. It is impossible to deny myself this pleasure, when the arm comes across such plastic packaging. Designer Stephen Turbek (Stephen Turbek) decided to please the slaves of habit to burst bubbles - created a multi-functional product for them - a real calendar date each year, which is enclosed in a plastic bubble.

Thus, the invention is a very feature-rich. And over time it can be used to follow and remember the most important holidays, as well as that for many the most important thing - to burst every day, literally.

By the way, these calendars are on sale now and can be purchased both in vertical and horizontal versions. The basis for the new items is either paper or transparent acetate film. The cost of each calendar is 30-50 dollars, depending on the base and design.


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