Divorce on the Bentley saloon cars

In proshlyyu Friday dealer Bentley in the city Hyuston came 27-year-old Walter Allan Jr. He did not come himself, but with his "notary public" to look more presentable. What for? I wanted him to buy a couple of Bentley - Continental GTS white and black Continental Flying Spur. Why just two? After all, if you have already "play" that big. After he wrote a check for half a million dollars, he was asked to go to a couple of hours to pick up the cars ...

Of course, on arrival, he was arrested by police in Houston. Pierced the boy in one important point - the check was issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which is a financial institution works exclusively with banks and not with individuals. It seems to be not very important detail, but when you give something to a half-million dollars, check everything and everyone.
Surprisingly, it is writing out a check for one car Bentley, everything would have passed without suspicion, and so ...


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