How to increase chances of winning in casino Neon Vulcan a few times?

Eighty five million five hundred ninety seven thousand nine hundred nineteen

How to map the win? This shouldn't be a problem if we stick to a clear game strategy. We consider several options that will make your game as efficient as possible. There is no need any extraordinary efforts.


Increase the likelihood
The more you use the machines on the website — the higher the probability that the selected slot will give you the winnings at the end of the week. Do not play with only one slot, try to keep several games under control. Simple question – mathematical probability, what win is guaranteed?
  • Where the player controls one slot with replenishment once a day;
  • The player controls multiple slots, breaking the replenishment of equal parts?

Of course, some machines increase the probability of 3-5 times. Stick to that strategy – more slot machines added regularly spread evenly on each slot.


Added leverage to win the lottery
For example, during the week you Deposit a few times on the cumulative sum of 40 thousand rubles. Did you know that one-time refill for 30 thousand rubles in the period until March 3, allows additional gain in 1.5 million. In addition, the organizers include additional prizes:
  • A holiday in the Seychelles;
  • GoPro camera, champagne and one-off prizes of 10 thousand rubles.
In addition to the chosen strategy, you get an additional bonus in the form of a lottery. The chances of getting large amounts of increase at least several times.

Participation in the loyalty program
The game on multiple slots, the lottery and a gift in the form of a platinum card. As soon as you participate in the lottery, remember that the Volcano gives a map on which you can get:
  • A one-time charge free 10 thousand rubles;
  • A threefold increase in enlisted points;
  • The possibility of withdrawal with the cashback at 20%.

Such maps can be different – depending on the deposited amount.


Constant participation in tournaments
The tournament provides a unique opportunity to convert points into rubles. The principle is very simple – the more bets, the more points accrued. The player who gets the most balls, can count on the weekly draw in the amount of 50-200 thousand rubles. And this is not counting matches, slots, lottery, gifts to the account and the guaranteed cash back loyalty program.

Following the recommended strategy, knowing all the extra leverage to win, provided by a team of Volcano, can be simple steps to earn 3-5 times more money. The main condition – concentrate efforts on maximum participation in the game. Use all possible resources of the platform!



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