Slot machines offline vs online: which is better

It is possible that among the readers of this publication, there are those who never tried to play online slots, preferring the "old way" of offline machines. Strictly speaking, the difference between the two is not too large. In the first case you control the game using the computer mouse in the other – press a special button. Unlike roulette, game slots such as Vulcan games is unique, so an online version is clearly the winner. The difference is in the gaming elements. The principle is exactly the same. Let us compare both options on such parameters.
  • The setting of the game.
  • The set of slots accessible.
  • The payout percentage.
  • Bonuses.
  • Payments.

The location and setting of the game
For many players the home environment is preferable to a brick and mortar gambling hall. Hardly uncomfortable room compares to the usual room, chair and computer monitor or laptop. At the same time, you can wear comfortable clothes, play your favorite music, without hurrying up to choose the slots – in short rest.

Set of games
The "real" gambling hall and, at best, has a few dozen machines. The number of slots at online casinos in the hundreds. In this case, the virtual room is available 24/7. You can play in any convenient for you time. With this, you can choose the game from the old, familiar to the new.

The payout percentage
The success of the game depends on luck and luck, but not the last role is played by the payout percentage, founded from the beginning. If the figure is 98%, then the probability of winning more than 90%. Here the comparison is clearly in favor of the offline casinos. The reason is that the cost of virtual gambling establishments are lower than offline. The average payout percentage of the offline casino is between 90 and 95%, while in a virtual game room, the rate is 97-98%. At the same time, the risk of reducing the payout in the virtual less.

Low costs allow the virtual casino does not just increase the payout, but also to give bonuses to the participants. Of course, the bonus is impossible, he intended to play, but the chance for success increases.

This is the only point where the brick and mortar casinos be ahead. You operate in cash, which are always at hand. However, for players "big" is a drawback: to carry a significant amount is not too convenient. On the Internet you have to use Bank cards or electronic wallets. Funding your casino account almost instantaneous, and withdrawals to the player's account may be delayed for a few days (all depends on the institution). There is also a plus: online payment safer than offline. In addition, the online casino you can test the machine by playing with virtual money. Thus, online casinos wins almost all respects. However, the final decision is up to you.


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