Online casinos: tips for the beginner

Thirty five million seven hundred two thousand one hundred twenty four

This article is based on WMD same principle as the well-known collection of Grigory Oster "Harmful advice". However, advice from are in prose, but in essence, it's all the same. The principle is the following: to combine pleasure and win, do so.
  • Read the tip.
  • Will do exactly the opposite.
So there you go!

Follow our tips...
To look for a suitable online casino? A waste of time! Type in search field "online casino" or click the first banner: that's enough. Play safely! And if you're blown outright, it's a good excuse: Oh, those dishonest casino!

Never waste time to study the reviews on the forums. It's a waste of time. Between institutions there is no difference. The main thing — plenty of slots, good and different.

Decided to register on the website of the virtual gambling house? Do not try to specify your real data. Casino requested document? This is a direct violation of human rights worthy of the Strasbourg court. Nobody has the right to know I — Ivan Tuckin from the Bottom of the Mymra.

I'm afraid to forget the password? There is nothing easier! Let it be 12345 or Slavik. Yes, just in case, use this password. Then certainly will not have to dig in the backyard of memory, Recalling the ill-fated combination of letters and (or) digits.
Anti – evil! So what is a decent free program. They are just a computer retard and interfere with the game. Someone steals the money? Not terrible, they still were designed for the game.

Not a small thing, create several accounts. Perhaps the security service will not notice that someone with a "penny" naughty...

Read the rules of the casino? That's really what nonsense! To get acquainted with the program of bonuses is not fun! Anja give money to any conditions? It is impossible to withdraw money, but you need to spend them on the game – is this the case? And the fact that the casino may revoke the prize because he broke the rules – so this is a real risk, drive and extreme. Just what you need from the real gambling.

Pick up power-UPS, even if you know in advance that you will not be able to spend it. If you have the opportunity to profit on freebies – why not? You cannot withdraw from the account? Not scary. Let them be. Just in case, so to speak.

Playing in a casino, take advantage of a cash account, wife's, parents or girlfriend. Is it a Scam? So, innocent prank. And friends need to understand: sometimes I want to have fun. Even more interesting to play on borrowed money. Needless to say, there is a risk, but the drive is more than enough!

Lost in a casino? Do not forget to unsubscribe in the social networks and forums that all online casino is the extortion of money, scammers and fraudsters. After all, you were confident that the gambling house is good Samaritans handing out money to everyone. A game created only in order to gain multiple wins. Something went wrong — guard slots are!

Try your luck in a state of "tipsy". Feeling brave, intelligent and omnipotent? Just what we need. Now try to play big. Because the more you bid, the bigger the winnings. Hope we get lucky!


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