Knowing this trick, you will unmistakably pick up the necessary shade trendy Nude-manicure.

I'm one of those girls who love naturalness in everything. So the manicure I prefer by sudovym shades. Gentle sudovy manicure — this is exactly what makes the nails well-groomed and most feminine!

In addition, this manicure is universal, it can use all women, no matter where they work whether it be office or nursery. Because this lacquer gives your nails elegance and it can match absolutely any style of clothing.

Nodoby manicuring the color of the coating turns out to be unexpectedly important if you want to make the most natural manicure on your own hands. After all, when properly selected color can emphasize the dignity of the hands, fingers and harmoniously complement your image. And Vice versa is very simple, at first glance, sudovy manicure can be an unexpected nuisance because of inability to choose the color and method of application.

That's why the editors of "Site" has prepared for you 3 cunning trick for creating the perfect manicure nulevogosuitable for you!

  1. Light, pale skin
    If you have fair skin, then you should pay attention to shades of beige with a pink undertone. Podbay the tone-on-tone or 2 tones lighter than the skin on the hands. Pink color will make your nails brighter and lighter. Lacquer in shades of nadovich is desirable to apply a thick layer to not show through your nail plate.

  2. Dark skin
    On tanned fingers will look better dark tones of pink and beige, coffee and sand colors. They adds a natural manicure and perfectly enhance the beauty of your hands. But with shades of grey need to be very careful on dark skin they look ugly. But if you still really want, you can combine it with pink color. It's always a win-win combination.

  3. Test
    The perfect shade of Nude that goes for everyone, as you already understood, simply does not exist. Choose your color based on potona skin. And find out your undertone will help here's a test: look closely at the wrist and bend the elbow. What color are your veins? If it's blue — boldly give preference to cold shades.

    Well, if green, choose warm colors of lacquer. It's pretty simple!

Manicures in nadovich shades will adorn any woman, because its advantage in refinement and practicality. He looks perfectly both on long and on short nails. And if we add that this manicure will make your hands well-groomed and natural, it becomes a godsend for stylish women.

The editorial Board And we offer you to see the 15 most recent ideas of French manicure from the best Moscow masters. After all, French is appropriate in any situation: with these nails is not ashamed to go to the theater, to appear at a dinner party or a business meeting.

A manicure in Nude style is soft, natural and naturalness, which always remains in trend, regardless of fashion trends. Use these simple tips for you to select the right color and enjoy your perfect manicure!

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Anastasia Davidenko Nastya does yoga and loves travelling. Fashion, architecture and all fine — that aspires to a girl's heart! Anastasia is engaged in design of interiors and makes unique jewelry with a floral theme. Wants to live in France, learn the language and keenly interested in the culture of this country. Believes that the person needs a lifetime to learn something new. Favorite Anastasia book — "Eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.


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