Trend thing of the season in 30 minutes: looks unique!

Scarfs-snudy continue to adorn the wardrobes of fashionable women of all ages. They complement classic coats and sports jackets, adds charm and flair dresses, casual jackets...

"Website" shares ideas on the creation of original scarves under the motto: "the Minimum of fittings — maximum beauty!"

How to sew a scarf with your hands
  1. 2 types of fabric, contrasting color, and the lace trim — the success of exclusive models!

  2. In this model, both the junction tissue is also trimmed with lace, but different widths. The combination of large and small cells with only wins!

  3. To create this cowl, you need to sew along the 2 rectangular pieces of fabric (in this case, guipure and cotton) folded face inward. The product was then to turn to iron and lapped seam sewing edge to make cowl.

  4. This two-sided scarf made not of steel, but the charm while he has not diminished!

  5. Sew around the edges of knitted fabrics special tape with fasteners (buttons), to get the thing 2 in 1: Cape, shawl and Snood!

  6. Scarf made of soft flannel sparkle in a new way, if you make it Kant unusual braid with pompoms.

  7. To "hide" the braid, and stitch the finishing tape to the workpiece before connecting the edge. Slice at an angle allows the fabric to fall beautifully.

  8. Fashionable bulk scarves from flannel and wool! You can save a great, to buy cloth of various colors, and then, releasing several threads on the slices to make them look ultra stylish accessory.

  9. Here is how this scarf can be worn.

  10. The technique of tying...

  11. Another idea of the scarf with the clasps. Here button attached to the faux leather inserts. Contrastingly beautiful and functional!

  12. Bilateral Snood with fleece: extremely warm and cozy!

  13. Insertion of wide lace miraculously transformed unremarkable once knitted a scarf. Romantic and chic...

  14. A combination of the four fabrics to create a scarf in Bohemian style. Already want one.

Original accessory will not only stand out from the crowd its owner, and delight. It is especially nice to wear something made with your own hands!

Share fashion ideas with friends, they will appreciate!

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