Scientists have compiled a list of the 100 most rare birds

Zoologists from Yale University and several British academic institutions have made a list of 100 birds under threat of extinction. They conducted a comparative study of almost 10 thousand birds and found the most rare species that are threatened by complete disappearance from the face of the Earth in the near future, reports The Independent.

The main reasons that led to a catastrophic reduction of population of some bird species, scientists call hunting, deforestation and the deterioration of conditions in their habitats. Because of this, one in eight bird species recognized as endangered. The list includes birds from all continents, in General they live in 170 countries around the world. 62 species of 100 live exclusively in their country of origin. Most local rare species – the whole 9 – concentrated in the Philippines. Rekordsmenom in the total number of endangered birds was India, there are 14 types of out of 100.

Besides that the list, called the EDGE, represents all endangered species, it also gives recommendations for the conservation of bird populations. The first three places in the hundred took the giant IBIS from Cambodia (land only 200 ibises, and they continue to die), new Caledonian owl legoscia (they survived less than 50, the last time this exotic bird was seen 15 years ago) and the symbol of the United States, the California Condor (only 500 individuals left alive).



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