The white house is worried about the fate of bees and butterflies

The failure of American foreign policy and the increasing criticism of the White house from ordinary Americans demanding that the President finally left alone in the world and addressed the problems of their own country, obviously has finally forced Barack Obama to heed the voice of reason and of the people.

Production of honey in the US is under threat. According to the Russian service bi-Bi-si, the Bush administration announced plans to protect the living on American soil bees and butterflies species monarch. These insects play an important role in agriculture in North America, but the population in recent years has fallen sharply.

Under the announced White house plan, in the next five years millions of acres of Federal land are adapted to the life of bees, in which the government encourages farmers to reduce the use of pesticides.

Due to the growing problems of the U.S. in the field of ecology and diseases of honeybee colonies in the country declined by more than 40%, which jeopardized the production of honey and income American beekeepers... posted


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