After that, you never will be putting toilet paper on the toilet

We all know how disgusting sometimes be public toilets. Sometimes, you come into the dressing room shopping center, you open the door lockers, breathe "sweet" flavor and think too much if you itch ...? To promote to the toilet bowl, you put it on the seat of toilet paper (if it is not pulled out a napkin) and is ready for action - like this all happens

? In fact, a great myth is that no toilet paper on the seat of the army microbes penetrate into our body, causing various diseases. All is not so. The bacteria is extremely difficult to form on the smooth plastic surface of the toilet seat - their creators took into account all advance. Moreover, they find themselves on the body harmful microbes can not develop on the bare skin clean. Otherwise, all we would have long been infected by simply holding on to the handrails on public transportation. So sit down on the toilet (clean, of course) is not so bad.

With toilet paper as is the case in a different way. Her soft, tender, and, according to producers, taking care of us are going to surface infections very easily. Moreover, after contact with the toilet paper, we automatically pull hands to her face, giving microbes more likely to penetrate into our body.

Almost the same thing happens with the hand dryer. Some studies show that electric dryers spread bacteria particularly quickly.

The best alternative - paper towels. Practical and less natural!

Let us draw conclusions. Refusing toilet paper completely, of course, not necessary, but to limit its use in public restrooms - a good idea. Take on a note!

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