Lost civilization

Russian North hypnotized as something unreal. Almost a world of shadows. The grandiose nature - unspoiled lakes and rivers, forest mushrooms, berries, fiery sunsets. And the absolute emptiness, silence, silence. Huge void where life is gone. Here and there something similar to it is still warm. But most full life ended. On the road Pudozh-Kargopol in the village Pechnikova still is a pointer - Kuchepalda 12 km. Turn onto this dirt road (asphalt and there was no trace), you can get a completely dead world. It is strange that the road is still not healed completely. But soon heal. Halfway to your destination in the middle of the field stands alone impressive size tent church.

This Sretenskiy Michael's church in the former village of Red kick. Church venerable age - 1655. It is rare for wooden architecture Poonezhya type octagon tent off the ground. In the North, and it was such a little - Panilovo, White sluduyuschy, Astafyevo, Vyisky Ustiug and cemeteries, some more. In Astaf'eva temple fell in 1972, the rest are gone before. Status priceless masterpiece Red Lyage obviously does not help. The old machine of moribund. While still standing upright, only the cross eyed. Around as the eye can see, no one and nothing. Probably the night goes wild beasts. Half a century ago, the temple stood in the center of a large village. In this hard to believe. There was a karst lake, gone underground. People also are gone, who remained died. In photos 70 still visible past the house next to the church. For now, just nothing, no one shed. Wildlife and the temple - it is not clear how the surviving fragment of a lost world.


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