23 fabulous marasmus

When one is engaged not in the business, it can lead to irreparable consequences, and perhaps laugh. Fortunately, people's lives do not depend on advertisers, which means we can rejoice in their monthly insanity and curiosities.

This material contains the best of them expanses of Russia and the former Soviet Union sent to the editor Website and appeared on the network.

Oh, those fonts ...

Stopping. No, well, actually, like, it is possible. But better not.

The rapid rise of the career of the German boy's simple.

You'll find your wife, children, and some guy.

It provides patients cozy torture chamber.

Better absolutely no gifts, so what.

Vera, Rodina, inventory!

For those who know a lot about the pleasures.

Well, you really decide.

Nuggets of wisdom from cheese producers.

Life does not regret hedgehogs.

The method, known since the times of the Inquisition.

There are able to select personnel.

Mmm, meat and sweets with chalk, my favorite.

Time for a good stock.

What kind of hints, Kirill?

Ipat-digging copywriting.

Nanotechnology in action.

Intrigue - the motor trade.

Anton Pavlovich is not the same.

If we consider that a symbol of social network - a dog, you do not want to represent the fragrance.

Never would have guessed.

I would not like to go to the bus.

I ordered ice cream for 350 rubles a restaurant. They brought it here ...

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