Margao, along with the Ocelot and Oncilla is born Leopardus, which lives exclusively in the New World. Margot color similar to the color of its more powerful relative - ocelot.

Large expressive eyes Margo perfect harmony with colorful woolen dress this cat.

Margo long tail, so it is also called long-tailed cat. Such is this animal's tail rocker when moving along the branches, because Margao spends much time in the trees.

The weight of this charming animal ranges from about 2 to 5 kg. Despite its small size, slozhёn Margao pretty tight.

Margao leads poludrevesny lifestyle and active mostly at night, but sometimes during the day. He is excellent climbing and can jump from branch to branch like a squirrel. Even with a fully vertical shaft Margao down headlong. This helps him special structure of the hind legs, which can be rotated almost 180 degrees. This cat hunts in the trees and on the ground.


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