Dangerous for Earth asteroids can be destroyed by nuclear missiles

State Rocket Center (SRC) Academician Makeyev develops space systems for Earth's destruction of hazardous asteroids using nuclear missiles.

System design is nearing completion. It will consist of a spacecraft "Trap", which carries a nuclear weapon and intelligence probe "Kaissa" designed to evaluate the structure and composition of the asteroid. The device developed by SRC, together with the Ural and Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences for the past 15 years. For the delivery of the vehicles into space planned ispolzovanieraket carrier "Soyuz-2" and "Rus-M". The creators promise that the new system will protect the Earth from asteroids with a diameter of 300 meters (and in some cases 600-700 meters).

SRC experts are considering two possible scenarios deal with the heavenly bodies. Either detonation will occur on the surface of the asteroid in order to "crush" it into smaller, or to blow up nearby to change its trajectory. This will depend on the data collected "Caissa»

Today in the world there are many alternatives influence the movement of the heavenly bodies. For example, using the gravitational tug - a massive spacecraft (about 10 tons), which will approach the dangerous asteroids and their gravitational influence to change their trajectory.

Source: www.newsru.co.il

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