NASA posted a video of Ceres closeup

What are the spots - scientists have yet to figure out i>

None of the spacecraft from the earth working distance, is not capable to shoot video. However, most of interplanetary stations removes a large number of photos, which can then be compiled to create a video. The other day it was a video posted agency NASA. In the video - Ceres closeup. Most of the photos were taken by Dawn apparatus at an altitude of 13,600 to 5,100 kilometers.

Video provides insight into the spatial structure of Ceres. It is worth noting that there is not collected so many pictures - only 80, as opposed to the same video of Saturn, composed of thousands of photos submitted to Cassini.

On the basis of these experts were able to create photo spatial model planetoid. This remote from the earth for a long time the world was a mystery, but scientists now get more data on a dwarf planet. However, the question of the origin of the very bright spots still remain, although most scholars are inclined to believe that this way of water ice on the surface.

Probe Dawn went to a lower orbit June 3rd. The unit spent the remainder of the month to study Ceres close range (4,400 kilometers). All instruments will study the planetoid station. Previously, the unit studied Vesta, another planetoid, from 2011 to 2012. To probe Ceres arrived March 6, 2015.



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