New Horizons photographed all five satellites of Pluto

Photo: NASA i>

Space Station New Horizons continues to please scholars and anyone who follows the news of astronautics and astronomy. At this time аппарат photographed not only Pluto and all his companions (in any case, all that is known to scientists at the moment).

Total of five satellites. First - Charon, the largest moon, which was opened first in 1978. Charon's diameter is 1,200 km, it is half the diameter of Pluto. Further it was discovered moons Hydra and Nix. The discovery was made after analyzing photos of the Hubble Space Telescope, made in 2005. The last opened Kerber and Styx. So, using the same Hubble in June 2011 opened Kerber, and in July 2012 - Styx. The diameters of the past two satellites are only a few tens of kilometers.

New Horizons photographed Charon, in July 2013, the Hydra, and no one in July 2014 and January 2015. Now, however, obtained photos of Styx and Kroeber, using the most sensitive camera system, which is called the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI). The images were obtained from 25 April to 1 May. Consistency - five images with a 10-second delay, drawn together. The images have been processed to remove the "extra" objects, including Pluto's satellites were lost.

By the way, Kerber seen on all images, but Styx - on the first photo is not visible, but on the other images he had seen. The photos were taken from a distance of 88 million kilometers.



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