Magic Tree

Trees - the most powerful energy conductors. You can not believe that they give strength, but it is felt without any evidence.

Magic beech generous and abundant. It is resistant tree that helps its owner to learn the secrets of the past, find a happy future, to become rich. Beech actively sharing energy. Amulet of beech makes a man a clever, smart, successful and intelligent entrepreneur, protects against failure in affairs.

Christopher Tait, Northern Ireland, beech avenue

In Central Park in Manhattan grows 42 kinds of trees, many already do not exist in nature, but they are cloned and planted. Especially a lot of elms here. Unfortunately, the druid from my APB, so identify a tree in a picture Shoenboma (see. Below), I could not, and tell about elms.

Elm has projective yang energy, which means that a single contact with the tree can last for many years. It gives strength, courage and energy to great achievements. No wonder of it made spears with which intend to win battles. Generally it is the male tree, elm woman can make aggressive and hyperactive. But the brave and bold. Elm corresponds rune Gebo, which is responsible for alliances, and love, so did the mascots of the elm, which strengthened existing relationships. And traits rune course.

Yellow autumn photos in Christopher Shoenboma

Japanese Garden The Portland Japanese Garden occupies 22,000 sq.m. It is located not in Japan and in the US, Oregon, near Portland, hilly terrain, where the already very beautiful. Photo author chose to remain incognito.

The Japanese say that the cherry - the symbol and mascot of the Japanese nation. And in China, the word cherry had a special meaning. "There's a cherry" meant to enter into an intimate relationship. A "lose cherry" meant losing innocence. Very poetic.

Kiss under the sakura, Poly Crowley

Giants of the vegetable world, giants, redwoods of California has experienced many eras. There are suggestions that these trees were still living in the era of the Mesozoic, and therefore may be the oldest living things on earth. Big tree attains maturity through 1500 years after the start of growth, and dies after 4000 years. Oh, if they could talk, how many fabulous legends, they would have told us!

750-year-old sequoia in California. Photographer Michael Nichols

Dead tree is not as dangerous as it sounds. It is able to carry away all negativity and bad emotions. It is not divided, but it picks up. And dying trees should die naturally. Mutilated, burned, broken, rotting - it harms people.

Dead trees in Namibia taken by photographer Frank Kramer

Black roots on the red leaves Paul Pichugin

Oak - the magical tree, has the power and capabilities. Oak almost never refuses the request, and it is believed that it was necessary to go to the oak, when everything in life is very bad. Oak symbol men and protector, wise and all-powerful. However, it is believed that the oak is just and insincere intentions are not fulfilled. Oak guarding the most powerful spirits of the trees. Many people believe that the oak - the home of the gods, and can open the door to other worlds. It is no coincidence, in many tales just at the foot of the oaks were woodland creatures burrow entrances to homes gnomes and leprechaun, and so on.

The Angel Oak Tree (angelic oak) in Charleston. Photographer Mark Rekidan

Magic wisteria simple and concrete. Meditation helps in Wisteria Garden quickly realize what is happening.

Wisteria Brian Yang

Bamboo is a very symbolic plant that gives rise, youth, happiness in the family and beauty.

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan. We Ingeun

Jacaranda in Africa. It is considered the tree of students. There is a sign: when blooming Jacaranda petals fall on your head, it's good luck. And most important for the student - to have time to start studying the subject before flowering begins. Some believe that the tree bears a meeting with his second half, most importantly, timely pick sprigs.


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