Huge telescopes (7 photos)

A few days ago I decided to see with their own eyes and floods in the town of Kalyazin Church. About this will be a separate post, and now tell you that even Intersnyh saw on the road.

At the entrance to the city, in the Tver region near the town of Chaplin was spotted just off the road a giant (60 meters in diameter - the 20-storey building) satellite dish! Looked about her on the Internet, that's what found:

"It's steam system of radio telescopes TNA 1500 - Bear Lake in the second, they allow you to accurately determine the distance to space objects and space communication, of course, used. The 'bear' it is absolutely working and well maintained, and it is only occasionally used, but also work! »

Big picture here (2.8Mb)

See more photos:

"Very often I proezhayu by and always a plate of different polozheniyah.ya think I use it very often!»

Even from a distance the impression!


In winter

Another near

And next summer residence!

And the second here - Moscow region, Suponevo



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