Exotic pink grasshopper

Talking about the color of animals and insects in the wild, it must be said that the pink color - a rare phenomenon. We all know about the majestic bird, "pink flamingo" color which is simply amazing. But here's the command to "pink" gets another owner of the same color - already among insects. Your attention pink grasshopper.

Do not think that this is just a separate species of grasshoppers. This color - it's something like albinism in the world grasshoppers. The winner of this color in nature may be only 1 in 500 and grasshoppers.

Known as eritrizm, this anomaly is a curious reddish pigmentation. For the first time such a feature of the insect was spotted in 1887. Initially, this was due to the color of the insect's long stay in direct sunlight.

Yes, order, 1000 species of grasshoppers. Many of them are disguised by its shape the environment. Someone recalls a leaf, some branch.

Colour also plays an important role in disguise. Grasshopper is disguised and under the grass and under the ground.


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