How to build Tower Bridge

Symbol of England. Who does not know him. Always look at these and similar objects struck by how in those days they were built. But this time we have the opportunity to see the process!

Wonderful photos showing the process of construction of Tower Bridge ... were found in a dumpster.

Fifty photos sepia, dating from the 1892 year, captured under construction Tower Bridge, one of the main attractions of the UK.

The last five years of photography lay in a suitcase under the bed, an anonymous resident of Westminster, who found them in a dumpster during the demolition of a building. In addition, he found more and more books. Pyatidesyatidevyatiletny man tells that carried the book to the museum of the Tower Bridge and tried to tell employees that it has still photos, but it did not want to listen, saying that the photos have already more than enough. Man recognizes that simply did not know what to do with the photos - and therefore put them in a suitcase and put it under the bed.

In early November, the man told his neighbor about the photographs, the guide who works at Westminster named Peter Berthud. The guide says that my eyes could not believe, seeing unique pictures. He spent several days studying the albums and documents, trying to figure out whether these photos are known to those skilled - and found that one does not even know of their existence!

Tower Bridge - one of the symbols of London Bridge that combines vehicular and pedestrian part.


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