Defecation without gravity

The post titled The most important device on the space station pushed me to the researches of various kinds of information about the harsh life of the space. In the process I discovered just such an article explaining some points. 3 photos, letters and

But interestingly, as cocoa astronauts? This morning went to shit and noticed that the important role played in the process of defecation gravity. (Defecation-gravity, just a play on words)
That is the muscle ass shit pushed, and then it is itself in free flight flying in a toilet bowl. Flight shit provides gravity of the earth, but there is no gravity in space and, theoretically, to push the shit assholes in the absence of gravity and remain hanging on the ass, but still smeared.

It is clear that in order for there to shit in space Colostomy bags. But how does it work? What is its principle of action? Theoretically, space Colostomy bags must be tightened to get out of shit assholes in some capacity, but my gentle children's psyche can not stand the picture when the astronaut puts his ass elektroklizmu with a vacuum pump.
The mystery, however.

Well, just went to a fecal-space theme, tell a couple of real cases, overheard in various aerospace engineers.

The first story
On the space station, the water will certainly deliver, but the main turnover of water on the ISS own. That is, the astronauts drink and piss and then drink what Nassau.
So to drink urine there is a filter. And the filter is simple to genius. It turns urine is run under high pressure through a glass fiber filter. Due to the very high pressures salt of urine deposited in the filter. Well, after the urine, that is, the water passes a complex way of disinfecting, mineralization, and then you can drink again.

The history of the second

Women astronauts not only in Russia, but all over the world a little bit. Women astronauts also piss and shit. And here, just as they shit is more or less clear, since it is possible to use the cosmic male Colostomy bags, but the process of urination is not so simple.
During Soviet times, flew into space two women - and Tereshkova, Savitskaya. And if Tereshkova hung in orbit for several hours, allowing her stupid piss in diapers, then Savitskaya spent several months in orbit.
There is already diapers will not get off, there need special mocheulovitelny napizdnik.
And in the Institute of Space Development napizdnikov lowered distribution list - to come up with a special female napizdnik for Savitskaya.
Setting charge one competent engineer. Engineer as soon as possible makes a working model napizdnika, put on his Sawicki and send it into space, right in the napizdnike.
And then from orbit Savitskaya vereschit as the victim that her napizdnik mocheulaovitel-fucking does not work that oozes in every hole, and she was halfway station mess.
It is natural for the trunk take development engineer space napizdnikov- "You Th, bitch, space program decided to screw up? For yaytsa suspension, and so deprive the award. Tell me, how did napizdnik and why it breaks with Savitskaya to Ebony and why it can not normally piss! "
It turned out everything is simple. In an era of Victorian-Soviet morality honest Soviet engineer could not try on the first available napizdnik lab SRI development napizdikov.
So he honestly hated product, top-secret home, measuring his home to his wife. Can Feel free to lab measure may napizdnika donning his wife gave him erotic pleasure, is unclear.
Clear was the one, and this happened in the space that napizdnik engineer wife fucking pussy does not fit Savitskaya.
It turned out that women are so individual that napizdnik one to the other is not suitable. And if men astronauts might even one nahuynik piss, then the women it was impossible.
Since space napizdniki for women astronauts are manufactured individually.

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