Forest full of secrets (58 photos)

Writes lana-sator:

Autumn swiftly unleashed on the Moscow rain, damp and cool north wind, drove hundreds or even thousands of people in the woods ... In search of mushrooms and nuts, they are all available means of transport are leaving away from the capital.
So we decided to devote a Sunday departure to the forest to pick mushrooms ...

Remember idiotic transmission on TV, where video clips were shown of some rabid fans "remove all" about no less rabid and in general, wild misfits, clowns, falling bedolag and poor animals?
Here we are, like those strange people, almost can not afford to go somewhere without a camera ... even mushrooms.

Stepping on the wet grass, sprinkled with yellow leaves, we step on the dry, dead branches. One after the other branches of the crack, but this is not the crack that breaks the silence. Wind shatayushy tops of birch trees, noise louder than if Lohmann branches would deal with hundreds of people like us.
Underwood has dropped leaves ... screwing up his eyes in a vain attempt to distinguish between red and yellow leaves on round hats fungi, we note some bald spots if in a pair of triple tens of meters ahead. Fifty steps heels broken twigs under the soles of shoes - and suddenly find ourselves on the old road ... On the left we see a fork

A Right ...

On the right, about fifty meters away, on the sidelines is a green military truck. Even leaping into the bushes, we understand that it is parked in a rather unnatural "position."

A couple minutes of waiting - no sound, no people. Recalls that seems to be about an hour ago passed the remnants of a fence - a pair of fallen pillars and remnants of barbed wire ... again forest pripodnes us a surprise? .. Go on the road, coming closer to the truck, we go around a circle ...

Abandoned. Forgotten. Abandoned forever.
As the stranded ship, which left the sailors and the captain. Open the door ... this apparatus!

We decided to go along the road more or less, to understand - you do not need to hurry to escape from these places.
Poisonous berries lily of the valley on the side ...

A hundred steps, another otvorotka the road ... It seems to be the path.
Sounds just the wind.

And then, in a clearing ...
This wonderfully!

That technique is left is obviously more about the inspection distance. But we go closer

ATV? Anywhere he would not "go away."

Urals and ZIL you what, no one needs?

Overgrown with moss? ..

Falls asleep foliage continue to shine ... Let no fresh paint, but at least the rain water.

Winch. Useful stuff.

Rigid Coupling

The wheels, of course, it would be necessary to pump

And even set

And what's inside?

Wow, here and APCs have

Once there was a yellow? or primer?

Convenient handles - can remember destvo and museum exhibitions, "climb" on the "tank."

Under this "umbrella" -chehlom lives retractable antenna

We descend into ...

The radio, on-board monitor, has all sorts of pribludy

The base of the antenna. Turn the handle - top telescopic mast rises.

God, there closely! Behind the driver and radio operator can sit three more soldiers, with their skills with special equipment ...

Even more behind - steam engines

A third soldier, but to pull the foot forward, and probably do nothing.

Technicians much ... She "parked" so close one car from another, which sometimes is difficult to pass, and you have to get out on the roof

From the roofs of different places stick antenna

Another armored personnel carrier inside - the same eggs, only in profile and without a hole in the floor



I peered into one of the green vans-kung: inner longing

Next - a two-storey bed as the train.

In still significantly more fun next

A couple of trucks with antennas on the roof

Inside - steam generating units

And instruments under the antenna

Everything is clean, bright ... like new. Open the box and remember that we are in the cemetery.

Although there ... It's called "conservation┬╗

He seems to say to us "such things".

Another hundred meters down the road - and one landfill technology

It - corner reflector? Looks like ...

Remember, in the second terminator was an episode with liquid villain, pierces the roof of the car?

How is it that so much good is lost, and no one was watching? Where is the protection, if the dog or at least hungry conscripts?

Here, that's outside antenna ...

Cool - and ...!

What a mysterious force threw vans on one another?

Documentation wet and stuck together

Fuel tanks have a separate value

Our attention is drawn particularly long member of the family abandoned

"What he must have been an amazing aerodynamics!┬╗

Cab monster. He was shot?

Inside not fall, but the fall in the neighboring. There are steep lamps
I could not resist and took one to his home, along with kranshteynom

They climbed onto the roof ... but they no end!

"We are so different, and yet we are together!┬╗

That's still pretty entertaining representatives

Too overgrown with moss

Inside the cool

Be careful when you go looking for mushrooms

Thank you!




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