"The Siberian miracle of 2011"

This past weekend in Crocus Expo, an exhibition of cats "Siberian miracle-2011»!

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Although the exhibition was devoted to Siberian cats and organized by the Association of lovers in Crocus come not only the "Siberians».

On znamnitoe "kitty" virtually none-bleeding does not respond. My name is Cat names Boris, kiteket ...

1. All Siberian cats are different thick hair, not giving them freeze in cold weather, and good physical stamina. It turns out that there are a few not similar in appearance to each other species.
This kitty cat Neva Masquerade. In place I did not sit permanently wanted to run away to play with the opposite sell shiny Christmas decorations and tinsel. Just mobility and love for the game, even in the adult period of life characterized by "Nevas." And yet they are very loyal to their owners

2. "Siberians" are very different. There are tiger, marbled, spotted turtle, white, even red and apricot. White Siberian cats with blue eyes are deaf

3. This cat breed Maine Coon (Maine Coon) - «Manx raccoon, raccoon from Maine." Kuna are very friendly. There is a tremendous size and fluffy, like a raccoon hvstom. Hence the name. Descended from cats living on farms in the US state of Maine

4. Some individuals weigh up to 15 kg, making it the largest coon domestic cat in the world. However, according to the mistress of the 6-month-old kitten, cats and cats of this breed kittens are always playing in the shower is very good and tied to the hosts. Alas forgot the name of this "coon" and the tail and the size is really impressive

5. Admire him again. It looks like a lynx, even tassels on the ears there.
And lying beside his mother, who did not want to sit flatly even at the request of the hostess. Here you with kindness and affection) Just kidding, the animal can be understood for 2 days Visitors tired

6. This Bengal cat kitten home

7. In the United States crossed a domestic cat and a wild Bengal, resulting in and get this breed. Wild "colleague" This kitten is still widespread throughout Southeast Asia, from the tropics to the mountains of the Primorsky Territory. Home Bengal movable and love to play. Wild live near the water, and avoid people, hunting for their beautiful fur

8. Adult bengal home

9. This cub Abyssinian. Abyssinia - Ethiopia, the second name, and where dwelt wild ancestor of this breed. Europeans and Americans became acquainted with this recently - 100-120 years ago, after military campaigns in Africa

10. Abyssinia big feet and big ears, "wild" orange color. Cats of this breed is almost contrary to the known characteristics of his "colleagues" - "cat walks by itself." They do not like being alone, require care and attention

11. No, it's not packed for a gift for the New Year British lop-eared cat. Most of the cats at the show was in prozrachnyhyh or mesh cages. This increased the comfort of the animals reduced the experience of the owners and their pets almost made it impossible to shoot a lot of pets at the exhibition

12. Another "packed" the Briton. British cats are very popular, bore the stories about the breed will not

13. Black British cat


15. What is the breed, I do not remember (

16. This is also (

17. Cats competed in different categories, to choose even the best of the best. The winners of prizes waiting


19. That's the cat was "Siberian miracle-2011»

Vanya, by the way, the design of the banner is not very much. He said that this is only to scare away visitors. Do you like?

But in general, even for 20 minutes at this exhibition you get a lot of positive emotions. Some owners even allowed to pet and hold their cats. However, someone had absolutely do not care about visitors. The faces of some of the home when you try to ask them a question met grimaces, saying "Why come here?».
Well, all selfish enough.

I came out from the show with high spirits.

All! Monday light you !!!



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