The process of construction of the tank snow

He built snow sculptures from Minsk Vladimir Gaisenok with friends. It turns out the computer game World of Tanks is holding a contest where the task is precisely the construction of the tank out of the snow.

 - The idea is to build a realistic tank, of those that are in the game. On the gaming forum different people post their photos, I decided to participate.

Vladimir immediately corrects himself, they say, to be precise, it is not a tank, and Tank Destroyers T-95 - Anti-self-propelled artillery. Snow sculpture turned out, though impressive in size, but to life-size self-propelled her away - only copy of the real length of greater than about twice.
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 - The sculpture came about four meters long and two meters wide, and about a meter fifty - sixty meter - height, - says the young man. - Made entirely of snow, only to trunk using some fallen tree, its trunk and then plastered with snow.

The company came to Minsk Sea to build the tank on February 10 at ten in the morning, ended at seven in the evening. While the boys built a tank stopped several cars (it took place not far from a large parking lot near the Minsk Sea) - people are interested, surprised, took pictures.

Secret technology of construction of the tank is simple:

 - There was a flat area, we poured the snow, and then trample down, poured again trample down. And then we gave the desired shape. Design of mine was completely helped me fill and trim, and I've done the whole form. Since we had a shovel and trowel.

 - Do you think that will stand up to the end of February?

 - In general, in March and must stand still. On one condition - if no feet will not break. We had planned this weekend to go see what was left. If we have good people, you have to stay whole.

The process of construction of the tank snow. Photos provided hero material.












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