How to live Gypsy Baron (35 photos)

Many of us met with Roma only as inconspicuously dressed fortunetellers, seeking to knock out of the passers-a certain amount of money. However, these people live very differently, and often separate from the rest of the people. They earn a lot of money and that's a fact. Basic capital concentrated in the hands of the barons, who invest in real estate. Of course, for myself.

We will not go into the details of the source of their income, and see photos of gypsy life.

It is very "king" of Romania Florian Chioaba. In the early 2000s he was at the center of a European scandal, the court forbade him to marry his 12-year-old daughter, 15-year-old groom. Chioaba bombarded with angry demands of even the Strasbourg Court, but he remained adamant: daughter must wait for the 16th anniversary. Last year, Romanian authorities allowed Florian Chioaba establish a local Gypsy court, where his "laws" will be considered administrative affairs of his subjects.

Florian Chioba not budstvuet

It houses the Roma-millionaires in the vicinity of the Romanian cities of Timisoara and Buzesku (photographer Nigel Dickinson)

Typical representatives of the Roma "elite" of Eastern Europe (for gold with their body can be fed throughout the year hundreds of ordinary Roma)

At the funeral of the gypsy "elite" to the grave with the dead and decided to lay part of the useful things that can be useful to him in the afterlife. For example, as he confessed gypsy "baron" Cherar Moldova, to the grave of his father even put the car "Volga».

Funeral gypsy aristocracy

Even representatives of the Roma "elite»

And look inside the house barons


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