The differences of male and female brain

Many have long suspected that male and female brains are very different. Now researchers from the University of Cambridge have identified the biggest difference between them.
More than 20 years doing research in the field of neuroscience, scientists were able to create a map showing how different cranial contents of the boxes at the opposite sexes.
"For the first time we are able to provide convincing evidence that the brain size and structure are different in men and women, - said Professor Amber Ruigrok, who led the study. - We do not ignore sex in neuroscience research, especially in the study of psychiatric diseases that are prevalent in both men and women. "

The study, published this week in the prestigious Journal of Neuroscience and Biobehavioral, absorbed 218 different studies. It was found that the male brain volume on average higher than that of women in the 8-13%. The brain is also more feminine men on the following parameters: the gray matter - 9%; white solid - 13%; areas filled with cerebrospinal fluid - 11, 5% and cerebellum - 9%.

On closer examination, researchers found that these differences are caused in the amount of several regions. They are part of the limbic system, responsible for emotions and language system.

Studied brain scans team led by Dr. Amber Ruigrok and Professor John Suckling and Simon Baron-Cohen of the Department of Psychiatry. Experts believe that the study can greatly affect the future of scientific work aimed at understanding autism and depression.

"Sex differences in the limbic system include areas often involved in psychiatric disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and depression - the professor said Suckling. - This new study may help us to understand not only the typical sex differences, and gender-related mental illness ยป.

The team studied all the scientific work relating to the brain, published from 1990 to 2013. A total of 126 articles were included in the study in which it was studied the structure of the brains of people from birth to 80 years old, writes Mail Online.
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