Salary card - what benefits does it provide?

It is very convenient to receive wages, advance payments or bonuses to a bank account. Thus, the holder of «plastic» can replenish it regularly and make purchases both in real and virtual space. An individual salary card is a convenient financial instrument, a card that receives payment for your work according to a pre-compiled salary project. But still the question remains: a salary card — what advantages does it give and why does everyone need it? The WestStein financial institution experts will definitely have the answer. They made several recommendations for those who wish to issue (order) a salary card — more on this below in the article.

Salary card: advantages and disadvantages

This banking product is ergonomic and comfortable not only for the employee, but also for the company's management, as it allows you to transfer funds here and now, make payments in a timely manner and control finances. This is beneficial for the employer, especially if he, as an entrepreneur, has a current account. Often this is an ordinary real or virtual debit card that can be used like any other «plastic». It is also possible to have an overdraft portion, which is especially true for those who like to spend more of their income.

So, we figured out what a salary card is, which one is better — this is the next question that needs to be answered. Here it is necessary to highlight the main advantages of cards of this type, among them:
trust among banking structures — such an account will be an additional argument in favor of issuing a loan, for example;
the ability to receive money at any time and in any place;
maintaining confidentiality and non-disclosure of the amount of salary among colleagues;
security from intruders — even if the wallet with cards is stolen, the account can be blocked or cashed out in a timely manner;
the ability to control expenses and, in general, all financial transactions thanks to convenient Internet banking and mobile applications.
According to WestStein experts, the best payroll cards should have all of the above characteristics. Note that the WestStein prepaid card is a great option for a payroll account, as we guarantee the confidentiality as well as the security of your finances.
You can order a Mastercard prepaid card right now — all you need to do is pass verification on the website.