Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller - a famous modern New York-based portrait photographer. He takes off for such well-known magazines like The New Yorker, Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire and Vogue. Martin generally likes to use photography. Models pose for him with almost no makeup. Sometimes some of these photos of celebrities can be found only with great difficulty. There were times that some of the stars taken Schoeller later forbidden to publish their pictures. The second creative aspect of his work - this is a very original production photos featuring well-known actors, musicians, athletes, where the author vengeance allows their unrestrained imagination roam. Here I am, just, and offer the latest estimate, made in a very ironic way.

Martin Schoeller Born in Munich in 1968. He began to study the art of photography in Berlin. Since 1993, she works and lives in New York. First there was the assistant of the famous Annie Leibovitz. And, to learn from it for three years, he launched into a free creative voyage. Published portraits of his albums: "Close-up: Portraits 1998-2005", "Women bodybuilders' and Martin Schoeller Stern Portfolio. It has a lot of prestigious awards. Schoeller photographs presented in the Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian.


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