The main stadium demolished in Texas (10 photos + video)

The city of Dallas (Texas) was demolished the main stadium of the city - «The Texas Stadium», known for unusual hole in the roof.
For the destruction of the stadium sappers had to lay in the support structure of more than 1,200 kilograms of dynamite. It is reported,
that work on the preparation of the demolition of the stadium took 6 months. But in the end, all calculations were correct Bomb.
Huge stadium turned into a pile of rubble in a matter of seconds.
For many years in this stadium held its main football team matches state - «Dallas Cowboys». It was at this stadium, "Cowboys" have won all of their five "Superbowl" - cups for winning the championship of American football. But after the 2008 season the team moved to a new stadium in the suburb of Arlington.
The destruction of thousands of onlookers watched the stadium, many of which came in advance to get the best seats.
According to police, the explosion no one was hurt.


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