Tadzhikstroy prodoldaetsya

The text of the author: "One day he came to work, I found that part of a building facade, the entrance to the FMU, our neighbors decided to ennoble producing some redecorating. Since that part of the building is occupied by numerous small offices, apparently, they clubbed remontnikov- hired a team of "experts." Quite naturally it turned out that this team from the category of "Office Nicanor and Kolupaya with my brother," for Rabotnicki they were even those! This is not taking into account the numerous safety violations, such as lack of safety harnesses and helmets. However, to protect (if you can call fence - see. Photo) the place of their work, they still bother. Even hung emergency signal warning tape. And now the most important thing. Do you think that was written on the tape? »

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