DPRK authorities executed 80 people for watching South Korean TV

The execution was the most massive since the coming to power of the current leader Kim Jong-un

The penalty for a total of 80 people were held in seven cities in North Korea.

The bulk of those executed since early November people accused of watching South Korean TV programs, according to the publication JoongAng Ilbo, citing its own sources.

In each of the cities on November 3 shot about ten people. One of the killings became public and gathered at the stadium about 10 thousand people. The publication reports that the DPRK authorities have forced people to come to the stadium to witness the massacre of the enemies of the regime.

In the capital of executions was carried out. It is noted that it was the mass cleansing since the arrival to power of Kim Jong-un.

In late August, the DPRK have held executions. Then the victims of the regime began two musical band playing patriotic songs, for participation in the shooting of a frivolous nature. It is rumored that one of those shot was the ex-girlfriend of the North Korean leader, with whom he parted on the insistence of his father.


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