Shining Path. End

The most interesting examples of folk art in the ads on the walls and fences in the last mesyats.Obychnye ads are written by hand or printed out ordinary people, can become a source of inspiration and good mood.

We live in a country where not to go to the roof and keep an ironic view of things, sometimes you have to create a funny reality of their own. Ads that every month we collect online, most often written by ordinary people for the most usual situations.

This month, especially a lot of deep-wall philosophy.

All three words in Russian, and two sites.

Or there is also suitably.

A new kind of social advertising.

There is nothing left.

Judging by the font - Beeline.

Editorial knowingly exchanged glances and smiled wearily.

The whole essence of women.



By the way, yes.

But we do not say "the invention of bad language».

We have fun!

And do not be mistaken, alas.

Without a cat and not a life.

In point.



"To understand and forgive" - ​​the slogan of Russia.

Railways, understand and forgive.

He knew the future.

Sometimes it really is better to think of an asshole. So at least interesting.


We have amended the idiosyncrasy of this meme


Office poet of bread.

ROC continues to delight.

Best tablet with a work schedule ever.


A new radical movement of the garden?

Life hacking.


This cultural Petersburg.

Thanks to the bra is not needed!



Nicht fershteyn!

Lucky for you, dude!

The theory - it is when you know everything, but nothing works. Practice - is when everything works but no one knows why. In our laboratory, we have combined theory and practice: not working and no one knows why.

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Entrance only in helmet

Do good and runs



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