20 great ideas for a family photo shoot!

As you click, so that ejected a bird's beak opened in amazement and envy?

Writing a love story

Let's try to write something good, the eternal memory for future generations!

You message

And an important infu can be recorded on the palms, legs and muzzle. Not to forget!


Formula family. From the equipment need only blackboard and chalk.

One person!

Come depict the classics of Marxism! Who is more valuable history of Mother ?!

Everything is in your hands

A simple collage expressing artless idea - but also funny.

Brotherhood Nest

Little Ones than good? The fact that the compact is placed in a large part of the utensils in the house! So far ...

Themselves with a mustache

"I was almost an adult!" - The idea Moustache-shooting and laugh, and raises self-esteem.

In the fairy tale fall

The main thing is to catch the right emotion in a young actor. And then it's done its magical photoshop.

Vocational guidance

I Dream "who I will be when I grow up" can be illustrated by the simple improvised means.


For Whom art sick, malyshnya?

Live pictures

As long as the baby has not yet learned to say "yes you cho, do not touch", so you can nakreativit mimimishnyh scenes!


Draw the hearts of the other parts of the body. Very touching.


Funny staged photo obtained when kids are copying adults.

Views on the future

Play with unusual angles or sharpness at different points.

The scale of what is happening

Pets are transformed into fabulous monsters! Good, of course.

In flight

If the qualitative jump, an unforgettable image. But the doubles have done decently. Well, at the same time charge!


Dive into the home library or the library and how to popritvoryaemsya!

We are a team!

Identical suits already good. And if they still beat some way ...

I look at you ...

Interesting idea - do not capture the company and its reflections or shadows.

Celestial beauties

A silhouette against the evening sky if qualitatively realize - all krasotischa!


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