Meet - capybaras

Capybaras - a quaint and cute little animals from Central and South America. More and more people prefer to start them as pets. Why is that? See for yourself, and you'll understand. And certainly want to imagine the same.
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1. Here capybara lying on the couch, like a giant hamster.

2. Capybaras love to swim ...

3. ... so if you want to have a capybara, be sure to have a swimming pool and a couple of inflatable mattresses.

4. And more often partying by the pool - they love capybaras.

5. They definitely become stars of any party.

6. Yes, capybaras countries. Paper bag on your head? What's the big deal?

7. Capybaras and love cats. No, not at lunch.

8. Dogs like it, too.

9. Many dogs.

10. They even get along with children.

11. Warning! They can take you to the rabbit jealous, especially if they also want to lie like this with you.

12. Capybaras read.

13. On the more complex computers - their fingers are not suitable for printing.

14. Pay attention to what they are cute as a child!

15. Capybaras like corn.

16. watermelons.

17. They will be waiting for you to work.

18. They can be to walk.

19. They love when they are stroked.

20. And they love to just relax.

21. In the dream, they just cuties.












33. So what? Want to start a small kapibarku?
That's all. Thank you for attention.



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