Beautiful photos of 2013

"It is clear from the mountain," - exclaimed my wife. We stayed in quite a cheap hotel on the edge of the National Park Torres del Paine in Chile. Instead, I saw a mountain mist. But I still found the camera and sent it to the side of the park. When the sun and shadows playing in the snow and mountain faces, it turns a work of art. (Richard Duerksen)

Snake Charmer with his "pet" during the celebration of Spring Festival in China. (Wesley Thomas Wong)

Cyclists on the track along the Chao Lao Beach in Chanthaburi, Thailand. (Songkran Weelapong)

Flowering plants cereals mark the approach of autumn. Here in India, this natural beauty can be seen for many kilometers around. And these women cut the plants to use them as fuel for cooking. (Biswajit Patra)

Periodically local landscapes are transformed into real picture. Picture taken at Lake Icaria, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. (Teruo Araya)

Photos train pedestrian platform in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. (Shigehiro Ono)

Diver in a state of absolute tranquility during a training swim in Vouliagmeni, near Athens. (Dimitris Maroulakis)

Picture taken on the east bank of Xiangjiang River, China. Every Saturday is satisfied with the fireworks. (Andrew Crane)

When I release the shutter a flock of starlings flew into the air. The number of these sociable birds in recent years has declined sharply in the UK, but now their population is slowly beginning to stabilize. Depending on the time of year can starlings gather in huge flocks. (John O Neill)

Look closely at the pictures and you'll see another painting on the left. (Lydia Polimeni)

I took this picture at Port Lockroy during a trip to Antarctica in 2010. Two penguin, almost touching the wings, filmed against the backdrop of majestic frozen landscape seemed enamored couple. (Marius Ilies)

Autumn tide often absorbs Chioggia - a small town in the Venetian lagoon, creating an amazing and unique atmosphere of reflection. This phenomenon is called aqua viola, meaning "high water." (Mattia Oselladore)

Under the stars, two researchers descend into the icy depths of the glacial "mills" in Switzerland. Naked stone above the glacier in the upper left corner shows how much ice has melted. These researchers have noted changes that take place underground. This must be done at night because daytime temperatures can lead to the melting of ice, which is why their work can be dangerous. (Robbie Shone)

In Maramures, Romania, the church split in half. The front part reserved for men, and the rear and exterior - women. (Kathleen McLaughlin)

Swans and ducks in Piestany, Slovakia. (Norbert Nemes)

The photo was taken at a local fair in Jamshedpur, India. This structure for the bike show and sunlight create a memorable design. (Abhishek Nandy)

Cheetah with blood from recently killed a gazelle. Picture taken in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa. (Eva Liang)

These coal stoves in Nevada worked from 1876 to 1879. They were built for the production of charcoal from pine and juniper. In subsequent years, these ovens served as a refuge for the workers, and later - for the bandits. Today it is the main attraction at a local historical park. (Royce Bair)

This picture was taken during a religious procession in Antigua Guatemala during Holy Week. (Chantal Levesque)

Employee of rice mills in Bangladesh. (Pronob Ghosh)

I saw the skeleton, walking along the shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. (Stephen Clough)

Visitors to the library of Stuttgart, which opened in 2011 and famous for its unusual open design. (Shu Koumura)

What can change faster computers? The photo was taken in the courtyard of the high school in Tahiti, French Polynesia. (Philippe Reichert)

Children playing in the river Ganges in Varanasi, India. As soon as the girl saw the pictures, she began to pose for him with this great flag. (Joy Acharyya)

The nuns in the church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel. (Eli Basri)

Grasshopper on a "raft" of red mushroom in the sea moss. (Andrey Antov)

An Afghan man walking on snow-covered cemetery map Sakhi in Kabul, Afghanistan, Feb. 4, 2013. (Ali Hamed Haghdoust)



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