Hit shots 2012. Part 2 (21 pics)

Continue to spread the best photos of 2012, which spread all over the world.
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Fashion Week in New York

flooding in the Netherlands

protests in Greece

at the cinema in Aurora, Colorado, where the audience crazy shot "Batman»

Monsoon Wedding in Manila

wildfires in Colorado

Disabled protest in Bolivia

shuttle "Endeavour" over New York on the way to the museum

rover "Curiosity" landed on Mars and instagramit

New Jersey coast after Hurricane "Sandy»

Israeli soldiers and Palestinian suspiciously blonde girl. excellent example of propaganda palesovskoy

protests in Bangladesh

mad man Nick Walendu passes through the Niagara Falls on a wire

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Obama consoled victims of Hurricane Sandy

unknown motherfuckers beating one of the leaders of the LGBT movement in Ukraine Svyatoslav Sheremet

student unrest in Chile

Manhattan without power after Hurricane Sandy

The Israeli army and especially violent Pales

gold for tennis at the Paralympics

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