Scientific discoveries in 2012

10. Giant crocodile broke the record for its size
Medium-sized crocodile - it is quite frightening and very dangerous animal, but a meeting with the crocodile length of 6, 1 meter would make the bravest men and women run without looking back. Giant was found in the Philippines in September 2011, but its size, pobivshy records, was not confirmed until July 2012, because he could not catch. Crocodile named Lolong, and it - is officially the largest saltwater crocodile, which was able to catch. He now lives in a kennel.

9. Sugar found in space
Space - it's so pretty nice place, but now it has become a little more "sweet", with the opening of simple sugar molecules contained in a gas cloud surrounding the star, which is located about 400 light-years away. This is - definitely a great distance, to borrow a cup of sugar from intergalactic neighbors. The opening can be a step towards the discovery of intelligent life in our expansive universe, though, of course, we can not exclude the possibility that, perhaps, a little careless astronaut scattered groceries on the way to the International Space Station.

8. In our solar system found a new planet?
How many episodes of Star Trek focused on what space - it's a huge space filled with an infinite number of mysteries! The latest discovery in our solar system involves finding another planet - on the edge. Estimated planet is too far so that it can be detected by the average amateur telescope. Therefore require careful study to assign the body such status to not work as Pluto.

7. Locate the "God particleĀ»?
When a few years ago launched the Large Hadron Collider, many panicked about the apocalyptic possibilities of this incredible machine. July 4, 2012 in the LHC supposedly made one of the main purposes for which it was built: it was discovered the Higgs boson or God particle. Scientists still a lot of work and research to confirm this mysterious particles, but if expectations are met, will be found answers to many fundamental questions.

6. "The Lost World" in Antarctica
Discover new places and new varieties of living organisms - is a unique experience. Antarctica - still largely unexplored area, and this year there have found a very special city crabs. They even have an official name, but they definitely look like a yeti they near a handful of hot, mineral-rich thermal springs in the oceans of Antarctica. The discovery became possible due to travel to a depth of 2,400 meters in total darkness at a nuclear submarine.

5. The star system with nine planets
Obviously, the universe is big enough, at least for two suns / stars with multiple planets orbiting them. This year, scientists have found a star system with nine planets. At a distance of a little more than 127 light-years away star, known as HD 10180, lives in the southern constellation of Hydra, and revolve around the nine planets. This is - almost a mirror image of what was once our system; a matter of time, when a group of space scientists will deprive small planet on the outskirts of this newfound group of its proud status.

4. New species of primates in Peru
Like Antarctica, South American rainforests are full of surprises that are waiting for scientists to study them. The National Reserve of Peru Tabakonas Namballe were found eight new species of monkeys. Probably you yourself can find a couple of species of monkeys and give them names.

3. Locate the amphibian limb without
2012 was a fantastic year for the discovery of new species of living organisms, large and small, on land and under water. Another newly discovered creature can be like a worm, but after a more detailed examination of a group of scientists confirmed that the native of India - amphibian belonging to the family Saecilians. These creatures are not so easy to find: they live under the surface and well camouflaged.

2. Mural Mayan doomsday cancels
This could be the last year according to popular prediction, presumably made their stone Mayan calendar. But recent research has uncovered a fresco, which allowed a sigh of relief. The mural depicts the king and his entourage, and most importantly, contains a date marking a thousand years in the future. So we were all saved from hanging over the heads of the Yom Kippur, according to ancient predictions.

1. "Drama" Mayan temple
The last and the most popular due to the opening of the Temple night sun with a statue of the sun god almighty shown with faces sharks, bloodsuckers and jaguar. The temple contains a lot more than just a story of incredible ritual stone sculpture; he discovers many secrets of the kingdom of the Maya did not.


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