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Character extremely Nordic (complete moron)

Bad luck - to go into the woods at night ... ... in the trunk ...

Locomotive whistled - driver moved

Rationale - one of the defense mechanisms of the ego. See. "Ego defense mechanisms." Anna Freud

"In connection with the transition to daylight saving time will be turned off the hot water»

Down with prejudice - woman is also a man !!!

When you're near me, my sense is filled with life

Dolbitsa multiplication

I'll be a long drive ... End quote.

Fell, overcome. Woke up - gypsum.

My respect yours, comrade.

I said drinking "No". But she is not responding.

The ascent from the abstract to the concrete clean ...

Record necessarily those words - they Lenin said during his lifetime! ..

God will not give - peasant will not cross

I'm not a snitch, but the form of the report know.

 - I received a postcard here. Crumpled such greenbacks ...
 "One Hundred Years of Benjamin Franklin».

Boxer easier to defend a thesis than to write it.


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