Daria Black and Eugene Feofilaktova

Two girlfriends of the all already very boring TV program "House 2»
So to say the next fleeting "star»
In order not to get confused who is who, say, blond - is Daria Black, brunette - Eugene Feofilaktova.
Daria has long and successfully builds on telestroyke love with Ukrainian Sergei Pynzar lad and even in the very near future is going to marry him, the application already filed,
and Eugene Feofilaktova, all waiting for her prince, in the literal sense of the word, and that the main advantage of this prince was not a small bank account because Eugene considers himself a girl superkrasivoy and argues that such beauty should not be lost in vain, and spent on all sorts of guys from Yaroslavl. We would oligarch in Moscow ... :)


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