Access to the online casino with the help of mirrors

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Gambling sites, popular worldwide. Innovative slots, bonus programs, huge jackpots every day attract more and new visitors. However, in some countries access to the virtual gaming halls is blocked. So that players can freely enjoy your favorite slots, online casinos creates the so-called mirror. Example — Eldorado casino online official site mirror. Because of this, users get access to your favorite games.

The reason for the lock
Services gaming slots can be blocked for such reasons.
  • Legislative prohibition of gambling, adding Internet service providers online casino "black lists".
  • Hacker attack on the primary resource or it is a viral infection.
  • Technical work on the main site or the servers fault.

Typically, the mirrors on the official site is given a separate page. The administration strictly monitors its performance to interruption of access to the resource the user does not have.

What it is
The mirror is an exact copy of the official web service that allows you to go to the online casino players from different countries, including those with official access to the gambling is missing. The difference between the "twins" only at certain moments.
  • A different domain name.
  • Small differences in the interface.

All other factors are exact copies of the official pages of the online establishment. The participant can use the username and password used during registration. On the double has all the history of games and money, even if the user is at different mirrors. All options of the casino, in particular, the operation for depositing and withdrawal of winnings remain unchanged.

The purpose of the mirrors
The first and main task of the "twin" is ensuring access to a virtual gambling room. Sometimes it so happens that the Internet service provider, taking online casinos for surfing the online, it blocks. Caring about players, the casino, thus, maintains their accounts.

Another reason for the creation of the mirror – reducing the load on the primary resource. Casino visit all new users, the load on the official web service is huge. The design of the mirrors helps to optimize the load. As a special case, we can consider a problem with the main site. Funds are automatically transferred to free servers.

The third point, very important, is the security of a gambling institution. There were cases when the personal information of the players were hunting the scammers. In this case, a "mirror" site acts as a shock absorber taking the full force hacker attacks. All personal data of users are located on the official sites, so cyber criminals are unavailable.


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