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Pearls translators from different parts of the shara.To that nowadays it is practically impossible to live without knowledge of foreign languages ​​- an indisputable truth. And if you own knowledge fail, machine translation is shamelessly lying, then there are numerous signs and ads in the style of "MGIMO finishd."

In this article Website I gathered another batch of incredible knowledge of foreign languages.

When the smoke - not the worst thing that can happen.

The famous Rostov ear - every visitor of the city.

That's why you should not buy toys in the Chinese market.

Turkey did not give up without a fight.

And that is true.

Traditional Russian With very.

The toilet bowl is asking.

Oh, the sweet taste of slag.

The announcement, which touched the soul.

Kartofel, yaytso, luk. Vsyo yasno?

Sadly, when the passion fruit looks like.

At this time of the day, I prefer leopard leggings on the grill.

And here is the sticky felt in person.

This maintenance of the body and the authorities?

Is he going somewhere?

Find the pasta in a poetic world.

Yes the gun is generally better not light, and even more so not to stick it to the tank.

Hot sell directly from a Chinese website.

Porn is still no pizza is not harmed.

Spa lovers for pet fat.

Interestingly, they did not try to pluck chickens?

Such is the harsh Masha.

And where now the rainy season is in full swing frikadelechnyh.

Even shame that short and long espresso sold at the same price.

In itself, not on someone else's uncle.

Again it did not work! Maybe next time will be more successful?

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