Marasmus 15

A selection of the most ridiculous, stupid and sometimes unexplained photographs taken in the field of sales. These jokes could be seen on store shelves, billboards and even in newspapers.

Phenomenal similarities;)

The cement is not hot.

Good fireworks. Of mass destruction.

Stay stronger, our cheerful train hit the road.

Existential Russia.

Writ anyone else.

Funny Russian pensions, funny Russian mail.

Railways sign. Whatever the work, but would not work.


Enough to want!

Miracle of domestic marketing.

We suspect that these burgers foul play.

Anyone would be sad if it were cabbage rolls called them.

Women - mutants, we always knew it.

For every law there is a crafty left-handed screw.

Who has not driven - remained a man.

Can the enemy?

And indeed ...

All the all clear, right?

Their planes go over the rails, and the train fly.

After the fourth question, "Why the hell did I birdhouse?" Will disappear by itself.

There is discrimination against buyers.

Severe Krasnogorsk bread in the liquid state.

Yes, to care about you so!

In fact, the law enforcement agencies are all very gentle and tender.

Let us, too, will be as well!

For 70 rubles and is not sorry!

As something prettier.

We had to dig in upside down so as not to get out and did not complain.

Coffee? From there? Well nafig.

All the structure of Russia in one photo.

You need to know their customers.

The loan is denied.

The prize for the most mozgovrzyvayuschy copyright year. INTO ?!

Broad is my native land.

We do not want to imagine women Borovoy of the uterus and red brush.

It all depends on the angle of view.

They bullied.

The best way to celebrate.

Happy New Year, friends!


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