The most unusual tanks

Italian self-propelled gun of the First World War. Calibre is supposedly 305mm. Ballistics similar coastal defense gun model 1917. Allegedly used during the shelling of Austrian fortifications in the Alps. If ballistics identified correctly, the weight of the projectile - 442 kg.Nach.skorost 540m / s. The firing range - 17600m.

Mobile armored machine-gun point the Finnish War Izhorskogo production plant. No tracks, engine, and other things. Just a piece of armor.

American Mine Exploder T1E3M1 "Aunt Jemima". Designed for mine clearance.

Eight-American armored car bouncing. It may take a barrier height of 1.25 m, and a maximum speed of 64 km / h - and even jump ditches widths up to 14 meters

American T10 Sherman M4A2.

Concrete T-34. Made of concrete.

The gas-dynamic minesweeper "Warm-T." Designed for the detection and sweeping mines on paved roads.

The armor carriage Schumann. Equipped with a 57 mm gun and can be removed from the mast and used as a stationary tool, was used in the assault fortresses.

American TV-8. In the 50-ies of the last century was built a full-scale model cars. The project was rejected because of the high technical risk and the lack of decisive advantages over classical tanks

Tank Tank TR-26TS. Leningrad, 1936. Before the tank is installed a hand pump for pumping topliva.Za her - two foam extinguisher.

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