Winners of the photo contest «Olympus BioScapes Imaging Competition 2012"

Yesterday, December 17, 2012, the jury «Olympus BioScapes Imaging Competition 2012" determined winners who shared the prize money, and will become the owners of valuable prizes.

Tenth place went to Charles crabs (Charles Krebs) and a photo of butterfly wing with a 200-fold increase.

Sugar became the ninth Hodaverdi (Sahar Khodaverdi), has removed the seed of delphinium.

Stamens and anthers and filaments burgeoning nettle amplexicaul recorded by Edwin Lee (Edwin Lee). Eighth place.

Beta-tubulin in Drosophila brain. Klambt Christian (Christian Klambt) and Imke Schmidt (Imke Schmidt). Seventh place.

Mouth mushroom coral in tungsten light, James Nicholson (James Nicholson), sixth place.

Fifth place. Green algae Micrasterias, cross-sectional view. Rogelio Moreno (Rogelio Moreno).

Claw crustacean of the genus fronima. Mishrak Sharif (Sharif Mirshak) and Christian Sarde (Christian Sardet) took fourth place.

Sivanovich Igor (Igor Siwanowicz) and cluster dispute centipedes Virginia took the third place.

In second place red alga Skageliya. Vechezak Arlene (Arlene Wechezak).

The winner of the contest «Olympus BioScapes Imaging Competition 2012" was the colonial rotifer, captured by Australian Ralph Grimm (Ralph Grimm).

Furthermore, several works have received prizes. Water flea Daphnia, Michael Crutchley (Michael Crutchley).

Hyacinth sectional Frederick Labonne (Frederic Labaune).

Pharaoh ant's head, Jan Michels (Jan Michels).

Butterfly caterpillar cocoon kraeglazka Eger, Gilles San Martin (Gilles San Martin).

Top view of the oak lace-Sivanovich Igor (Igor Siwanowicz).

Proboscis butterfly Sivanovich Igor (Igor Siwanowicz).

Fly-lvink Laurie Knight (Laurie Knight).

Tunicate larva, Wim van Egmond (Wim van Egmond).

Amphipod crustacean, Sivanovich Igor (Igor Siwanowicz).

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