Ivanka Trump - heiress

The daughter of billionaire Donald Trump, is often compared to Paris Hilton. Two heiresses really have much in common: both childhood in no need of, both young, both blond. But there the similarity ends. Prudent Ivanka unlike frivolous Paris does not like noisy parties, alcohol and of little interest to the reporters of the yellow press. Ivanka have had a lot of chances to become an actress, singer, model, the last bit of the way it worked, while still a student. But she chose one - BUSINESS. For the appearance of Hollywood blonde with a dazzling smile, hiding a strong-willed character. Now Ivanka works in the company of his father, and in no way feels papa daughter, because both if it made a serious mistake, her father was fired. And that she did not want to, she was in love with his own business and wants to multiply condition Trump.


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