Bonuses in online casinos: a review of the most popular programs

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Gambling refers to the most competitive. Therefore, online casinos value their customers, trying to attract new ones. This article is a review of the bonus programs from System best bonuses – one of the means to "acquire" new clients. In this respect, the casino differs from a Bank. The latter either does not practice issuing rewards, or the size of his first contributions are negligible.

Online casino a new customer can become the owner of quite a large bonus, measured not only hundreds, but thousands of dollars, if he opens a Deposit, in accordance with certain conditions. Thus, the virtual gambling establishment protects itself from fraud-"bonusmaterial", the habit of which is to quickly withdraw the bonus money and disappear from the casino.


The remuneration
Newbie, after reading about the thousand-dollar bonuses, will certainly be pleased. However, before you get the reward, you need to fulfill certain requirements of an online institution. In addition, the size of the bonus depends on such factors.
  • The amount of contribution from the player.
  • View selected game, the frequency of its use.


The wagering requirements are called wagering.

Typically, wagering requirements following. Before you withdraw funds, the player must make a certain number of bets to a predetermined amount. So, before you start the game, you need to study the conditions of receiving the bonus and to estimate the time over which this amount is to play.

Also need to consider for wagering at online casinos there is a certain time limit. If not for this precaution, the party could easily win back the bonus amount for the institution is not profitable. For example, if a participant devotes to the game 2-3 hours a day, and he needed to clear the bonus in 5 thousand dollars for 2 months, it can hardly cope with this task.


Registration bonus
Online casinos rarely practice the results of such remuneration, but not less REM, they are. The bonus given to the player after the registration without any additional conditions. However, the amount of such remuneration is small. Of course, there is a danger that, losing the bonus amount, the participant is eliminated from the game. But a respectable online casino to consciously go to such risks, which proves their loyalty to the client.

Stretched bonuses
They have 2 features: substantial size (thousands of dollars) and the fact that they are issued in parts. Get bonuses for every new Deposit, while the salary cap will not be selected completely.

Another kind of reward for the client — reload-bonus. They usually timed to any date or event.

The presence of the current bonus system is testimony to the customer orientation of the institution, its integrity and financial stability, one of the criteria of selection of online casino potential player.



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