Models in bird feathers - photoproject Lee Howell

Photographer Edinburgh Lee Howell adores aesthetic images of feathers. She created a series of portraits of models whose outfits consist only of feathers. To emphasize the special glamor portrait of all the photos have been processed so that it seems as if they are drawn in pencil.

Whether big opponent of the use of fur and feathers in creating fashionable outfits. Therefore, her work - call for to enjoy the beauty without prejudice to someone's life.

The harm caused by human nature, is so great that it's time to stop. Do you think it is impossible? I will prove to you otherwise!

Guessed that all photos are processed in Photoshop? The original appearance of the girls decorated the program elements taken from photographs of birds in motion. As a result, it seems that the models are dressed in feathers, although in fact they were stripped at the time of the shooting.


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